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FLV Series Duplex Bag Vessel

Platinum Glass Filled Polypropylene 
One-Piece Injection Molded Construction
Hand Removeable, Ergonomic Cover with Liquid Displacing Dome
Vent Valve Included on Cover
True Union Socket, Threaded or Flanged End Connections
In-Line or Loop Flow Configurations
Solid Basket 
Drain Port at Bottom 
Integral Mounting Base
Easier Installations Due to True Union Connectivity 
Vertical Flow Flutes in Basket, No Bag Snag, and More Flow Area 

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 Material of Construction - GFPP
Inlet Connections - GFPP (Threaded and Flanged) , PVC (Socket, Threaded and Flanged)
Outlet Connections - GFPP (Threaded and Flanged) , PVC (Socket, Threaded and Flanged)
Pressure Rating - 150 PSI @ 70°F Non-Shock
O-Ring Seals - FPM or EPDM
Mounting Base - Fiberglass
Hardware - Stainless 

Gauge with Gauge Guard
Pressure Differential Gauge and Switch
EPDM Seals
Hinged Basket 
316 Stainless Steel Basket 

Below is all information pertaining to the FLV Series Simplex Bag Vessels:

FLV Series Duplex Double Length

FLV Series Duplex Single Length

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