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FLV Series Duplex Bag Vessel

• Platinum Glass Filled Polypropylene 
• One-Piece Injection Molded Construction
• Hand Removeable, Ergonomic Cover with Liquid Displacing Dome
• Vent Valve Included on Cover
• True Union Socket, Threaded or Flanged End Connections
• In-Line or Loop Flow Configurations
• Solid Basket 
• Drain Port at Bottom 
• Integral Mounting Base
• Easier Installations Due to True Union Connectivity 
• Vertical Flow Flutes in Basket, No Bag Snag, and More Flow Area 

• Material of Construction - GFPP
Inlet Connections - GFPP (Threaded and Flanged) , PVC (Socket, Threaded and Flanged)
Outlet Connections - GFPP (Threaded and Flanged) , PVC (Socket, Threaded and Flanged)
Pressure Rating - 150 PSI @ 70°F Non-Shock
O-Ring Seals - FPM or EPDM
Mounting Base - Fiberglass
Hardware - Stainless 

• Gauge with Gauge Guard
• Pressure Differential Gauge and Switch
• EPDM Seals
• Hinged Basket 
• 316 Stainless Steel Basket 

Below is all information pertaining to the FLV Series Simplex Bag Vessels:

FLV Series Duplex Double Length

FLV Series Duplex Single Length

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