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Grooved Meltblown Cartridges

East Coast Filter’s Grooved Meltblown Cartridge Filters are used for the removal of sand, silt, dirt and rust particles. The grooved outer surface is designed to increase the surface area of the filter as well as increase the dirt holding capacity. The flow of particles is outside to inside, causing the larger particles to be trapped in the outer layers and smaller particles penetrate deeper into the finer Meltblown layers of the cartridge.

Material - Meltblown Polypropylene
Maximum Operating Temperature - 140°F (60°C) 
Maximum Operating Pressure - 40 PSID
Recommended Changeout - 25 PSID
Maximum Flow Rate - 2-8 GPM (Based on Micron Rating)
Micron Ratings - 5 and 20

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Low Cost 
Excellent Chemical Resistance 
Food Grade - NSF 42 Component Certified
No Leachables or Extractables
High Dirt Holding Capacity 
Wide Range of Lengths and Micron Ratings
Direct Replacement to “AquaPure”

Well Water
Potable Water
Beverage/Ice Machines
Pre-Filtration for Reverse Osmosis Equipment 
Fine Chemicals 

Below is all information pertaining to the Grooved Meltblown Cartridge Filter:

Grooved Meltblown Cartridges

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