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High Pressure Coolant Bag Filters

East Coast Filter’s High Pressure Coolant Bag Filters are designed for recirculation and reuse of liquid coolant being used in High Pressure Coolant Systems. This process is extremely important because it protects the work piece and tools that are being used from being damaged. These Bags provide the highest particle retention and largest solids loading capacity making them the ideal choice when exceptional quality is important.

High Pressure Coolant Bags are constructed of high quality 100% Synthetic Polyester Fibers with a sewn in Rubber Molded Santoprene Flange which creates a tight seal on the basket. Each Flange includes a set of handles for easy changeouts. There is an option to have the inside bottom of the bag to include One 3 Inch Loop sewn in to assist in flipping the bag inside out around the vessel basket giving an extended capacity surface area.

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5 Micron Polyester Felt (Other Microns Available Upon Request)
Beige/White Rubber Molded Santoprene Flange Sewn in Top
Handles Built into Flange for simple changeout
All Sewn Construction
Optional 3” Bottom Loops Inside Bag

Below is all information pertaining to the High Pressure Coolant Bags:

High Pressure Coolant Bags

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