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Hilco Portable

HP4 Off-Line Portable Filtration System
An Economical Solution for Removing Water and particulate from Oils, Fuel and other Fluids

Filter Housing: Heavy-Duty Aluminum Construction, houses (1) Hilco O-Ring Sealed Filter Element; SAE Inlet and Outlet Ports; Vent Cock and Drain Valve Included.
Pumps: Positive Displacement Gear Type Rated to 4 GPM. Pumps feature an Internal Relief Valve set at 60 PSI. 
Motor and Electrics: Wired 115V, 60 Hz, 1/3 hp Motor; NEMA 1 Switch with Thermal Overload Protection; 7 Foot Electric Cord.
Piping: Pressure Gauge Included
Filter can be used as a Mounted Unit. High Viscosity Unit (HP3B) Available. 

Special Portable Filters 
Conditioning Fuel Oil, Kerosene, Gasoline, and other Volatile Fluids

 ASME Code Filer Housings: Filter Housings are Pressure Containment Vessels. Depending on Application and Size, certain jurisdictions (State, Federal, OSHA, Etc.) may require the Housings to be Constructed to ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. Hilco, an ASME Certificate Holder, can offer this option at minimal cost. 
Brass, non-Sparking, UL Listed Pumps: For Fuel Applications, this is a necessity
Explosion-Proof Electrics: Motors and Wiring to meet most Class and Division Requirements
Air Driven Diaphragm or PD Pump: Where Compressed Air is available and Electric Motors are not desirable.
Stainless Filter Housings: For corrosive environments 

Portable Filter for Synthetic Fluids
Conditioning Synthetic Lubricating Hydraulic Fluids 

 Filter Housing: Carbon Steel Construction, Standard Gray Paint; houses (1) 3.5 GPM or (2) 10 GPM Hilco 718 Filter Cartridges; Sealed Cover with Viton O-Ring; Vent Cock and Drain Valve Included.
Pumps: Same as Standard except with Viton Seals.
Motor and Electrics: Same as Standard.
Piping: Same as Standard
Special: Painted with Epoxy Coating which is compatible with many Phosphate Ester Fluids.

Multiple Stage Units
Acid Reduction as well as Particulate Removal. Multiple Stages accomplish different purposes in a single pass

 Available with all features and options of other Portable Filters. Mounted on a Four-Wheel Dolly with Drip Edge.

Over-the-Road, Trailer-Mounted Units
For those who treat Fluids at different locations, these units can be towed to the site for use.

 By using Hilco Dryer Cartridges (PD Series), off-site conditioning of Transformer Oils can be accomplished. PD Cartridges will remove water and particulate from the Fluids. Available with Pumps to 50 GPM. 

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 Mineral Based Lubricating, Hydraulic and Insulating Oils
Synthetic Lubricating and Hydraulic (EHC) Fluids
Fuel Oils, Kerosene, Gasoline
Ethylene Glycol Mixes
Coolants and Cutting Oils
Vacuum Pump Oils 

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Hilco Portable

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