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Manifold Duplex

The Manifold Filtration Skid consists of two or more filter vessels piped in series or parallel. East Coast Filter offers countless configurations and flow designs depending on the user’s specific needs. 

The standard design is to configure the vessels in parallel with isolation butterfly valves on each vessel (refer to multiplex picture). A four-vessel system can also be configured in a box design, which allows for graduated filtration and continuous flow. Given the modular name of manifold systems, through-put capability can be expanded or reduced as needed, and the footprint is adaptable to available space. 

Contact our engineering department to configure the ideal system for your application.

• Inlet/outlet orientation: Top Side-in/Bottom-out 
• Low pressure drop
• Positive cover seal
• Delta Gauge ports
• 150 psi design, available to 300 psi
• Easy to clean
• Stainless Steel perforated baskets
• Butterfly Isolation Valves
• Skid mounted with Fork Lift Channels

Below is all information pertaining to the D8 Duplex Bag Filter Vessel:

Manifold Bag Filter Vessel

M4-8-30-6F-1-150-__-__-PB-DP Drawing
M5-8-30-4F-1-150-__-__-PB-DP Drawing

Cannot find the configuration you are looking for? We would be happy to issue you a formal quote with exactly what you need.

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