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Marine Spill Kits

65 Gallon Oil Only Marine Spill Kit 
Response time is crucial when it comes to cleaning a fuel or oil spill in marine applications because the faster the response, the easier it is to minimize damage to the environment and avoid costly fines. East Coast Filter, Inc.’s 65 Gallon Oil Only Marine Spill Kit contains almost everything needed to become an efficient first responder.

(1) 65 Gallon Overpack
(75) 15” x 19” Universal Pads
(4) 5” x 10’ Oil Only Booms
(4) 18” x 18” Sorbent Pillows
(3) 30" x 6" x 60" Disposal Bags with Ties
(1) Pair of Safety Goggles
(1) Pair of Nitrile Gloves 

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Marine Spill Kits

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