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Metal Carbon Vessel

East Coast Filter’s Media Liquid Phase Vessel are ideal for use in Environmental
Remediation applications because they perform well in low pressure applications.

Each vessel is constructed with Carbon Steel that coated with a high solids Epoxy
Lining to increase the vessel life. The two Steel FNPT Inlet and Outlet Fittings on
the top of the vessel allow for excellent downward flow distribution. There is an 18” bolted top manway for easy access into the vessel as well as a screened drain
located at the bottom.

The Media Liquid Phase Vessels can be filled with any media including Activated
Carbon, Metal Removal Media and Oil Removal Media. Dry virgin Activated or
Reactivated Carbon is provided as a standard adsorbent.

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Extended Life due to High Solids Epoxy Lining
18” Bolted Manway at the Top of the Vessel for easy access
Variety of media can be used to fill the vessel such as Activated Carbon, Metal
Removal Media and Oil Removal Media
Easy forklift access
(2) 2” FNPT Inlet/Outlet Connections
PVC Internal Piping

Below is all information pertaining to the Metal Carbon Vessel:

Media Liquid Phase Vessel

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