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Mini M.E.

The Electrostatic Mini Mist Eliminator, also known as the Mini M.E. is manufactured to collect oil and coolant mist as well as smoke in industrial applications. The Mini M.E. complies with OSHA Standards while helping to improve employee safety, protect factory equipment and reduce the overall maintenance costs.

Because the unit is so compact, it can be mounted directly onto the machine tool for source capture of contaminants such as water soluble, synthetic and petroleum based coolants as well as smoke.

The Mini M.E. uses Electrostatic Precipitation to filter out the media. Air gets drawn in by the motor and blower through the Metal Mesh Filters to trap the larger particles. The air then flows onto the ionizing section where the
particles receive an electrical charge which makes them attach themselves to the sides of the Collection Plates. Every other Collection plate is charged with the same polarity as the particles which repels the particles to attach to the opposite plate. After exiting the Collection Plates, the air is then released out of the unit.

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High Efficiency - 95% Efficient on 0.3 Micron Particles
Cleans and re-circulates indoor air
Ceiling, Platform or Machine Mounting - Eliminates the need for duct work and saves floor space
Efficient Wiring Capability - Unit can be wired directly to the machine tool control to operate only when the machine tool operates
Compact cabinet design
6 Foot Cord and Plug fits standard 120VAC outlets

Screw Machines and CNC Machining Centers
Surface and Centerless Grinders
Turning Lathes
Parts Cleaning Systems and More

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Mini M.E.

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