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Mist Eliminator Filters

East Coast Filter’s Mist Eliminators are designed as a Pre Filter for use in Air Handling and Air Intake systems that will not tolerate oil mist or water droplets in the air stream. Each filter is configured with a minimum of 3 drainage holes on the top and bottom of each filter for easy draining.

Oil mist is most commonly found in production machine shops where oil is used to lubricate machines. By catching the fugitive oil mist from the ambient air, the machine and surrounding area stays cleaner and safer for those working in that space. These filters also reduce the oil mist from reaching the downstream filter providing longer filter life, less labor and lower replacement filter costs.

East Coast Filter’s Mist Eliminators are also effective on water droplets that are found on cooling coils, humidifier cooling towers and air intakes where droplets may collect as carry over from cooling coils and evaporative media, unevaporated moisture downstream from humidifiers, high humidity conditions, or wet environments.

Filters can be quickly and effectively cleaned with steam or hot water applied with a pressurized hose. For the Aluminum, do not use a strong Alkali Solution when cleaning, being it will react and corrode the Aluminum. The Galvanized Steel is more resilient when it comes to stronger cleaners yet these may discolor the media. The Stainless Steel can be used with almost any cleaning solution.

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The Aluminum Mist Eliminator is made with a 0.037 Aluminum Frame, surrounding a multi-layered pad which includes both Aluminum expanded media and screen. Maximum Temperature 250°F.

Galvanized Steel 
The Galvanized Steel Mist Eliminator is made with a 24 gauge Galvanized frame, surrounding a multi-layered pad of 0.0157 Galvanized expanded media and screen. Maximum Temperature 450°F.

Stainless Steel 
The Stainless Steel Mist Eliminator has a 304 Stainless Frame with multiple layers of Stainless Steel expanded media and screen throughout the filter. Maximum Temperature 900°F.

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Mist Eliminator Filters

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