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Nano Cartridges

With 99%+ efficiency on 0.3-0.4 Micron particulate, ProTura Nanofiber Filters provide maximum filtration. In fact, nothing matches ProTura’s performance in cartridge-style dust collectors.

With Nanofibers 50% smaller than competitive fibers and an industry highest MERV 15 efficiency rating, ProTura nanofiber filters significantly out preform competitive cartridges in all industrial dust collection applications.

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 50% Finer Nanofibers -- provide maximum filtration of submicron particles and lower outlet emissions
 MERV 15 Efficiency Rating -- the highest of any standard cartridge filters. A higher MERV rating means higher filter efficiency, greater ability to remove submicron dust particles  from the air and reduced emissions.
 Surface Loading Technology -- with nano-size inter-fiber pores allow caked dust to easily pulse off of the surface layer and keep the media clean. This results in superior cleaning efficiency and savings in compressed air costs.
 Longer Filter Life -- due to less pulse cleaning and filter stress means lower filter replacement costs.
 Lower Initial Pressure Drop -- over the life of the filter and less energy use.
 Compressed Air Savings -- dust is easily dislodged during cleaning because it remains on the nanofiber surface layer  and does not embed within the media base substrate. As a result, the number of compressed air pulse cleaning cycles is significantly less thus dramatically reducing compressed air usage.

Below is all information pertaining to the Nano Dust Collector Cartridges:

Nano Dust Collector Cartridges

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