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Oil Mist Filter Elements

East Coast Filter, Inc. offers direct replacement Filter Elements for various industry leading Oil Mist Collection Units. These Filters are designed with a High-Lofted Fiberglass HEPA Media to collect and coalesce Oil Mist Droplets. 

Ideal for use in applications that utilize CNC Machines, Parts Cleaning, Machine Shops and more. East Coast Filter, Inc. has many standard sizes available in stock but custom configurations and sizes can be manufactured to fit any unit. 

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Standard and Custom Sizes 
Available in both Cylindrical and Panel Configurations
Additional Prefilter Wrap Available 
Cylindrical Elements Utilize a Molded Urethane End Cap for a Positive Seal 
Low Pressure Drop 

Direct Replacements
MiJet Units 
Donaldson Torit Dryflo Mist Collectors 
Airflow Systems Mist-Pac Unit 
Many More! 

Below is all information pertaining to the Oil Mist Filter Elements:

Oil Mist Filter Elements

Cannot find the configuration you are looking for? We would be happy to issue you a formal quote with exactly what you need.


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