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PBF Series Pleated Bag Filter

East Coast Filter's Pleated Bag Filters are designed to combine the great qualities of both a Bag Filter and a Cartridge Filter into one in order to achieve longer on stream life, less filter change-outs and the highest level of filtration. These filters are available in either Polyester Felt or Cellulose Media both constructed with Black Molded Urethane End Caps. All of our Pleated Bag Filters are made to fit a
Standard Trade Size #1 and #2 Bag Filter Vessels.

East Coast Filter’s Pleated Bag Filters have up to 6-10x the Filter Surface Area of a
conventional Bag Filter. Our unique Self-Supporting Pleat design allows the  Pleated Filter to maintain uniform pleat spacing preventing Pleat Bunching, ensuring 100% of the Filter Media is utilized. The stiffer Felt Media allows the filter to stand up to high operating pressures without the need for expensive Reinforcing Scrim and Support Bands.

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Proprietary Top Sealing Flange provides a Positive Seal on most Trade Size #1 and #2 Housings
Self-Supporting Pleats for High Operating Pressures
Up to 6-10X the Filter Surface area of conventional Filter Bags
Bags can be shredded and compressed into pellets for recycling
Positive Seal Molded Urethane Cap with Integral Handle
Cellulose Media is impregnated with Phenolic Resin specifically for Hydraulic,
Cutting and Fuel Oils as well as Metal Working Coolants

 Metal Working Fluids
Process Water
Ground Water Remediation
Parts Washing Solutions
Incoming Well Water
Cooling Towers 

Below is all information pertaining to the Pleated Bag Filter:

PBF Pleated Bag Filter 

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