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Pleated Cylindrical Cartridges

East Coast Filter’s SSFC Series Cartridges are manufactured to provide superior filtration performance for Aggressive Chemicals, High Temperature Fluids, and Gas Applications. These filters offer a great alternative to the limitations of Cellulose or Synthetic media that cannot tolerate high temperature and caustic fluids.

Made entirely of 304 or 316 Stainless Steel construction, they are cleanable, reusable, and can withstand differential pressures up to 60 PSID. Micron ratings from 5 to 840.

Element surfaces can be standard cylindrical, or pleated to increase surface area. Pleated cartridges rated 100 microns or finer have an underlying support layer of coarser mesh to prevent pleat collapse. Depending on the configuration, the SSFC Cartridges are manufactured by welding or crimping; no silver brazing or Epoxy bonding is used.

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100% Stainless Steel, 304 or 316 SS
Available in Standard Cylindrical or Pleated Construction for longer on stream life
Micron rating 5-840 (U.S.Mesh 20-2500)
Many lengths and end configurations available
Temperature rating up to 500°F

Viscous Fluids 
Corrosive Fluids
Process Steam
Heat Transfter Fluids
Aggressive Gases
Polymer Filtration
Caustic Cleaning Solutions
High Temperature Applications

Below is all information pertaining to the Pleated Cylindrical Cartridges:

Pleated Cylindrical Cartridges

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