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Pleated Polyester Phenolic Treatment Bags

The Polyester Phenolic Treatment (PEPT) combines the advantages of non-compressible Polyester Felt with excellent removal of gel-like contaminents into a Cartridge format. In doing so, East Coast Filter, Inc. is able to maximize the available filtration surface area, thus extending the life over a Bag Filter. 

• No fiber migration due to the utilization of heat set fibers
• Increased surface area results in longer filter life reducing disposal and labor costs
• Longer run times lead to higher product throughput
• Thermally bonded end caps eliminate bypass
• Designed for high viscosity applications
• Nominal efficiency rating of 87%

Adhesives, Coatings and Inks
• Adhesives
• Emulsions
• Enamels
• Box Inks
• Lacquers
• Paints
• Sealants
• Shellac
• Varnishes

Petroleum Products
• Asphalts
• Machine Coolants
• Crude Oils
• Grease
• Hydraulic Fluid
• Kerosene
• Lubricating 
• Silicone Oils
• Waxes

• Acrylics
• Alkyds
• Aminos
• Epoxies
• Silicones
• Urethanes
• Vinyls

Water Bases
• Antifreeze
• Cooling Tower Water
• Industrial Process Water
• Oil Well Completion
• Solutions
• Salt Waters

Other Applications
• Animal Oils
• Cosmolene
• Elastomers
• Glycerin
• Inorganic
• Acids (Dilute)
• Plasticizers
• Raspeseed Oils
• Turpentine
• Tung Oils

Below is all information pertaining to the Phenolic Bag Filter:

PEPT Phenolic Bag Filter

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