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Star PolyPresses are specifically designed for efficient dewatering of both wastewater sludges and process slurries. Dewatering is the process of separating liquids from solids.  Efficient dewatering must accomplish two goals: remove as much liquid as possible in order to concentrate the solids and compress these solids into compact cakes for easy, low-cost disposal in the case of wastewater sludges, or for reduced cost from further drying in the case of process slurries where the cake is the product.

Star PolyPresses provide low-cost, dependable dewatering of wastewater sludges and process slurries. Only the highest-quality Polypropylene plates are used to resist corrosive chemicals, and our standard air blowdown manifolds mean drier, easier-to-release cakes.

• Heavy Duty Fabricated Steel Stand for Strength and Durability
• High Quality, Lightweight Polypropylene Plates
• Virtually Leak Free Caulked and Gasketed recessed Chamber Plates
• Corrosion Resistant Polypropylene Filter Cloths 
• High-Quality Hydraulic Components
• Standard Air Blowdown Manifold for Drier Cakes and Improved Cake Release
• Sandblasted Finish with Epoxy Paint
• Stainless Steel-Clad Side Bars
• Rollers on Moving Head for easy Opening and Closing
• Simple Control Panel
• Easy Access Control Panel
• Steel Cabinet with Full-Width Door for Hydraulic Controls
• Slab Heads on 470 mm Economy Model
• Completely Air-Powered Operation
• Air/Hydraulic Closure on 630 mm, 800 mm, and 1000 mm Models
• Manual/Hydraulic Closure on 470 mm Economy Model
• Ability to Expand and Extend Unit

Below is all information pertaining to the Star Poly Press:

Star Poly Press

Star 20 cm

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