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Power Breathers

East Coast Filter, Inc.'s Power Breather Filters are a market improvement over the customary Dust Caps or OEM Breathers on existing Equipment. When contaminated, air enters the top of the Breather, air passes through a layer of Filter media preventing solid particles from entering the Oil Reservoir and causing undue wear on the Equipment Surfaces. Filtered Air passes through a bed of Silica Gel which removes harmful moisture from the air. The Silica Beads are designed to also attract moisture from inside the equipment reservoir during service or shut-down, keeping the equipment dy. 

This Breather offers significant performance improvements over other leading Desiccant Breathers. We have conducted multiple head-to head tests with leading competitors to demonstrate that East Coast Filter's Silica Gel averages nearly 20% more moisture holding capacity than other leading brands. The increased body length of the Breather also allows for 10% more volume of Silica Gel. 

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Body - ABS, Nylon, Polypropylene, Buna
Moisture Absorbing Media - Silica Gel 
Filter Media - Polyester, Polyurethane
Filter Efficiency - 3 Micron Absolute
Operating Temperatures - -20°F to 200°F (-29°C to 93°C)

 OEM  OEM Part Number ECF Direct Cross 
Air Sentry
D-101 ECF-3-844
Air Sentry D-102 ECF-4-1054
Air Sentry
D-103 ECF-4-1054
Air Sentry D-104 ECF-4-1054
Air Sentry D-108 ECF-4-1054
Air Sentry D-154


Air Sentry X-100 ECF-2-624-CV
Air Sentry X-101 ECF-3-844-CV
Air Sentry X-102 ECF-4-1054-CV
Air Sentry X-103 ECF-3-844-CV
Air Sentry X-105 ECF-4-1054-CV
Air Sentry X-121 ECF-3-844-CV


Beach BB-1 ECF-1-580
Beach BB-2 ECF-2-624
Beach BB-3 ECF-3-844
Beach BB-4 ECF-4-1054
Beach BB-AG-1V ECF-1-580-CV
Beach BB-AG-2V ECF-2-624-CV
Beach BB-AG-3V ECF-3-844-CV
Beach BB-AG-4V ECF-4-1054-CV
Beach BB-AG-1H ECF-1-580-CV
Beach BB-AG-8H ECF-4-1054-CV
Des Case DC-BB ECF-BB-430
Des Case DC-VG-BB ECF-BB-430-CV
Des Case DC-1 ECF-1-580
Des Case DC-VG-1 ECF-1-580-CV
Des Case DC-2 ECF-2-624
Des Case DC-VG-2 ECF-2-624-CV
Des Case DC-3 ECF-3-844
Des Case DC-VG-3 ECF-3-844-CV
Des Case DC-4 ECF-4-1054
Des Case DC-VG-4 ECF-4-1054-CV
Des Case DC-HG-1 ECF-1-580-CV
Des Case DC-HG-8 ECF-4-1054-CV
Parker 934330T ECF-2-624
Parker 934331T ECF-3-844
Parker 934332T ECF-4-1054

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