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PVDF/Teflon Cartridge Vessel

East Coast Filter, Inc.’s PVDF Cartridge Filter Vessels are designed to hold a Single Double Open Ended Cartridge Filter in applications that utilize various corrosive chemicals where standard Polypropylene and Stainless Steel Vessels cannot be used. Most Acids and Alkalies operating at a maximum temperature of 230°F can easily be used.

Each Vessel is constructed with solid PVDF Plastics so there is no concern of fragile Lucite or Glass breaking within the Vessel which could potentially contaminate the process. There are also no springs or center rods used within the vessel which allows for simple and quick installation of Cartridges at each changeout. All Vessels are manufactured with Threaded Inlet/Outlet Connections in a Basic in-line design within the Sump of the Housing.

All PVDF Cartridge Filter Vessels have been tested for leaks and damage before leaving the factory.

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All PVDF Construction
Holds (1) DOE Style Cartridge Filter
Accommodates 6”, 10”, 20” and 30” Filter Lengths
Compatible with most Corrosive Acids and Alkali Chemicals
Maximum Operating Temperature 230°F
EPDM or Viton Seals

Firmly grip the Head of the Filter Vessel while supporting the Sump with the other hand. Twist the Head Counter-Clockwise and lift off.
The Cover O-Ring can be easily removed with the Head off of the Sump
Lift the Filter Cartridge up to remove
To replace the Compressor Ball or Tube Compressor O-Ring, move the Tube Compressor with a rocking motion left to right.

Load a new Filter Cartridge Into Vessel, placing the opening inside diameter of the Cartridge on the fitting at the bottom of the Housing
Replace the Cover O-Ring as necessary
Confirm the Tube Compressor is sitting inside the top inside diameter of the cartridge filter
Securely screw the Vessel Head Clockwise on the Sump

Below is all information pertaining to the PVDF Cartridge Vessel:

PVDF Cartridge Filter Vessel

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