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Selexsorb Cartridges

Selexsorb GT is a patented adsorbent specifically designed for use with Fyrquel gas turbine lube and Hydraulic control fluids. Another application is steam turbine EHC Control industrial hydraulic systems. The unique composition of this adsorbent maintains the original, superior properties of these fluids for prolonged periods. This media, in cartridge form, is available through your authorized Hilco distributor. 

The Selexsorb GT has similar acid capacity to activated alumina types, however, acid phosphates are adsorbed or chemically bonded to the surface of the filter media s they are formed. A neutralization reaction is not involved nor are free ionic metals liberated in the hydraulic system. Also can remove moisture but preferentially bonds acid phosphates in lieu of moisture.

Cartridge life can be extended 2-3 times versus fuller's earth. Flow Rate in auxiliary filter system must be slowed to allow chemical exchange to occur. 

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Longer Fluid Life -- Fluid changeout intervals are greatly lengthened, and the fluid is maintained in near-original condition.
Increased Equipment Life -- A result of continual removal of acid phosphates and moisture. 
Standard Sizing -- Designs fit most standard Hilco Filter Housings
Superior Efficiency -- Maintains total acid number (TAN) much more effectively than fuller's earth. 

Below is all information pertaining to the Selexsorb GT Series Elements:

Selexsorb Series Elements

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