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Sewn End Filter Elements

East Coast Filter, Inc.’s Sewn End Filters robust construction allows them to be used in the most difficult applications where use of many different chemicals and high temperatures doesn’t allow for many filters to be used. Sewn End filters are used to extend the life of Vacuums, Pneumatic Controls, Meters, and other Pipeline Equipment by trapping particulate, absorbing moisture, and preventing contaminants from progressing downstream.

Available in multiple configurations based on each specific application. Sewn End Filters utilize a pleated woven wire around the core to support the sewn media pockets. If required, additional layers of pleat support can be added for more rigorous applications. A specially designed Backwash Screen can also be added for operations that backwash the filter elements. This screen is designed to extend the life of the Filter Element by preventing the Textile media from being pushed away from the core.

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Effective at Removing up to 98% of Particulates and Contaminants from Air, Gas and Liquids
Standard and Custom Configurations Available
Made in the USA
Heavy Duty Construction
Filters can be Backwashed
Operating Temperatures up to 700°F
Medias Available from 1-300 Micron
Hydrophobic and Flame Retardant Medias Available

Electric Power
Food and Beverage
Mining and Construction
Municipal Wastewater
Oil & Gas
Power Generation
Pulp and Paper

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Sewn End Filter Elements 

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