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Spin-On Filter Elements

The 8900 and 9000 Series Spin-On Elements are used as process and safety filters which protect individual pumps, valves, or the hydraulic circuit from contamination. With minimal maintenance, the element can be replaced in a matter of seconds which allows for little downtime. 

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 Micron Rating (8900 Series) -- 3, 3A, 10, 12A, 25, and 25A Micron, 100 Mesh
 Micron Rating (9000 Series) -- 1, 3, 3A, 6A, 10, 12A, 25, and 25A Micron, 100 Mesh
Temperature -- -65°F to 250°F Operating
Rated Flow -- Up to 70 GPM (return, 25 GPM (Suction)
Recommended Working Pressure -- 100 PSI

Below is all information pertaining to the Spin-On Filter Elements:

8900 and 9000 Series Elements

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