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Standard Sorbent Pillows

Standard Sorbent Pillows are used to absorb large amounts of fluids when a Sorbent Pad just is not enough. Our Pillows are available in Universal, Oil-Only and Hazmat styles to allow for use in a wide range of fluids in a variety of applications. Since Pillows are easy to use, they are great to handle spills or leaks in tight, hard-to-reach areas like Coolant Tanks and Sump Wells.

The Dark Grey Universal Standard Pillows are great for non-aggressive fluid applications, including those working with Oils, Glycols, and Water.

The White Oil-Only Standard Pillows can be used on both Land and Water for absorbing Hydrocarbon-based fluids like Oil, Gasoline and Diesel Fuels while repelling water.

The Yellow Hazmat Pillows are designed to absorb the most aggressive fluids, including various Acids, Bases and

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Different Types (Universal, Oil Only and Hazmat) to Accommodate many Applications
Three Standard Sizes - 18" x 24", 18" x 18", 9" x 15"

Below is all information pertaining to the Standard Sorbent Pillow:

Sorbent Pillows

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