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Synthetic Elements - PH Cartridges

Today's modern machinery with its tighter clearances, operates at higher fluid pressures and speeds. This in turn places a far greater demand on the fluid cleanliness. Therefore, high efficiency filtration is essential to meet these stringent requirements. 

The Hilco PH Series of Filter Cartridges achieves the demand for higher efficiency without sacrificing dirt capacity and low pressure drop by incorporating modern synthetic filter fibers with much smaller diameters than traditional cellulose fibers. Smaller fibers take up less space in the filter matrix, leaving more room for dirt capacity. Smaller fibers also represent less resistance to fluid flow, maintaining lower pressure drops with closer fiber spacing and the resultant smaller pore sizes.

Water is a common contaminant in most fuel, lube and hydraulic systems. Synthetic fibers do not absorb water and swell or soften as cellulose fibers can, making them far more reliable under adverse conditions.

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 Microglass filter media is sandwiched between two protective layers of nylon media then supported with an epoxy-coated steel screen
Support screens provide a rigid pleat structure to withstand high cyclic and pulse flow fatigue
Synthetic media enables the cartridge to be used in a wide range of applications, including those which could deteriorate a standard cellulose paper cartridge (i.e. water exposure)

 Engine and Turbine Lube
Compressor Lube and Seal Oil
Fuel Oil
High-Speed Coupling Oil
EHC Fluid
Oil with Water
Process Water
Cooling Water
EDM Coolant

Below is all information pertaining to the PH Series Elements:

PH Series Filter Elements

PH Series Drawing

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