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Thrift-Aire Permanent Metal Filters

The Thrift-Aire Expanded Permanent metal Filter is made up of six layers of Expanded Aluminum, surrounded by a medium weight Aluminum frame. The Thrift-Aire is UL Approved for air and has surpassed the Federal Specification ASTM F872 required by all government contracts.It is designed to be used in many forced air applications. Some of these include air handling units in office buildings, homes, schools, as well as light industrial. These filter can be used as a mist eliminator as well as a filter in a “light duty” grease application.

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The frame is formed with an Aluminum Channel, securely connected with heavy rivets. The Filter media consists of no less than six layers of corrugated material. These filters will retain 290 grams of dust per 2.25 sq. feet of filter area. Maximum resistance at capacity is 0.335 wg at 350 FPM air velocity.

Because of the lightweight Aluminum design, this filter is one of the easiest filters in its class to clean. It will not rust, pack, or flake and can be cleaned many times without losing shape or efficiency. For best results, use either steam or hot water with or without a mild detergent. Do not soak Aluminum Filters in a strong alkali.

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