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Variflow HT Rigid Cell

Variflow® HT Filters are designed to provide high filtration efficiency in high temperature applications. Three temperature ranges are available (500°F, 750°F and 900°F) to meet the operating requirements of any system.

The cell sides are constructed of Aluminized Steel, which will not flake off or become brittle at elevated temperatures. Cross braces and expanded metal faceguards on the air entering and leaving sides provide additional support and rigidity. Corrugated Aluminum separators with rolled edges maintain proper spacing between pleats at all air flow rates and operating temperatures.

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High efficiency Microglass paper media
Three efficiencies (MERV 14, 13, and 11)
Three Temperature ranges (500°F, 750°F and 900°F)
Completely rigid, metal box design
Cross braces and faceguards on both sides
12” and 6” depths
24 Gauge Aluminized Steel cell sides
High temperature glass wrap sealant
Single-Header construction (Standard), Double-Header (Optional)
High temperature gasket on air exiting side

Below is all information pertaining to the Variflow Rigid Cell Filter:

Variflow HT Rigid Cell Filter

Variflow HT Rigid Cell Filter Drawing

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