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V-Force Rigid Cell

V-Force Filters offer an excellent option for applications currently using rigid cell style extended surface filters. They are good replacement for corrugated separator style or support pleat style rigids.

The Double-V design presents a wide open entrance into the filter allowing air to freely enter and exit at very low resistance. The mini pleat media packs are set at an angle to the direction of the incoming air to direct air flow through the pleat packs and out the back side with minimum restriction.

The V-Force Filters are an ideal upgrade for other styles of Rigid Cell Filters, including corrugated separator style and supported pleat style.The Dynamic Double-V design provides an unbeatable combination of low resistance, high dust holding capacity, and competitive price compared to these products.

100% Synthetic Media - Durable and Damage Resistant
V-Force Filters are made with synthetic media which makes it extremely durable, resists tearing and abrasion, and is highly damage resistant. No more media damage during shipping, handling or installation. Because of this, these filters are ideal for use in the most demanding installations including variable air volume, high air flow, turbulence, repeated fan shut down, high moisture, and some chemical or corrosive conditions. 

Moisture and Chemical Resistant
High impact Polystyrene Plastic components and synthetic media make V-Force Filters suitable for installation in systems where high moisture is present. They are also unaffected by some chemical or corrosive conditions.

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All Plastic Construction
100% Synthetic Media
Fully Incinerable 
Moisture and Chemical resistant
Rigid Cell Design
Low Resistance
Light Weight
Exceeds LEED/Green requirement of MERV 13
Classified per U.L. Standard 900

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V-Force Rigid Cell Filter

V-Force Rigid Cell Filter Drawing

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