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Vari-Pak Rigid Cell

Vari-Pak Rigid Box Filters are designed for reliability and long service under difficult operating conditions including high velocity and turbulence. The rigid media pack is not affected by changes in air flow or repeated fan shutdown.

In applications where the use of Fiberglass is restricted, the Model S is an excellent choice. The wide range of efficiencies and rigid cell construction make this an ideal product for upgrading existing systems. The microfine Synthetic media offers lower resistance and is unaffected by high humidity or moisture.

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Media: Dual Layer, Microfine Synthetic Media and High Loft, Microglass Media
Four Efficiencies (MERV 14) 90-95%, (MERV 13) 80-85%, (MERV 11) 60-65%, and (MERV 10) 50-55%
6” and 12” Depths
Low Resistance 
Unaffected by high humidity or moisture (Synthetic Media)
Rugged, Rigid Cell Construction
Ideal for Variable Volume Systems
Available with Box Style Construction (Standard) or with Header (Model PH)

Food Processing 
Pharmaceutical Production
Government Buildings 
Office Complexes
Public Arenas
General Industrial

Below is all information pertaining to the Vari Pak Rigid Cell Filter:

Vari Pak Rigid Cell Filter

Vari Pak Rigid Cell Filter Drawing

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