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Vari-Plus Rigid Cell

The Vari+Plus Extended Surface Air Filter offers a wide range of dirt removal efficiency coupled with extremely low resistance to air flow. The combination of these two values offers high performance filtration, long service life and low operating costs.

When compared to traditional rigid or cartridge style filters, the Vari+Plus provides between 40% and 300% more filter surface area, assuring long service life and economical operation.

The Vari+Plus is offered in 5 ASHRAE rated efficiencies -- 60-65%, 80-85%, 90-95%, 95%, and 95% DOP. This broad range of performance provides the required level of clean air for virtually any application.

• All Plastic Construction
• 100% Synthetic Media
• Fully Incinerable 
• Moisture and Chemical resistant
• Rigid Cell Design
• Low Resistance
• Light Weight
• Exceeds LEED/Green requirement of MERV 13
• Classified per U.L. Standard 900

• Variable Air Volume (VAV) Systems
• Hostile Environments
• High Humidity Situations
• Turbulence
• High Volume Air Flow Systems
• Corrosive Atmospheric Conditions
• Automotive Manufacturing Facilities
• Hospitals and Health Care Institutions
• Commercial Buildings
• Pharmaceutical Producers
• Electronics Industry
• Computer rooms
• Laboratories
• Airports
• Power Plants
• Food Processing Plants
• Compressor Intakes

Below is all information pertaining to the Vari Plus Rigid Cell Filter:

Vari Plus Rigid Cell Filter

Vari Plus Rigid Cell Filter Drawing

Vari Plus Double Flange Rigid Cell Filter Drawing

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