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VOMP 600

The Vertical Oil Mist Percipitator (VOMP) 600 electronic mist collector is manufactured to remove oil and coolant mist as well as smoke while improving employee equipment, protects plant fixtures and reduces maintenance costs. The Vomp 600 can be mounted directly onto a machine tool source in order to capture all of the water-soluble, synthetic and petroleum based coolants and smokes right from the machine.

The Vomp 600 uses electrostatic precipitation to filter out the air. It does this by drawing air through the motor or blower into the pre-filter which stops larger particles. The contaminated air then pass through the ionizing section where particles receive an electrical charge causing them to stick to the Collector Plates that are charged with the opposite polarity. The clean air is then pushed out of the system.

High Voltage Insulator
The high voltage components in the ionizing and collector cells are supported with newly designed insulators. A strategically located air passage and Venturi Spacer direct clean air at increased velocities across critical areas of the insulator. In these areas under positive pressure, contaminated air is forced away from the insulator creating many benefits including the ability to stay clean while improving the overall collecting efficiency, higher percentage of water in soluble oil that can be collected and reduced maintenance.

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High Efficiency - Up to 95% on 0.3 Micron particles
Cleans and re-circulates
Wall, Platform, or Machine Mounting
Can be wired directly to the machine tool control which operates only when the machine tool does
Spiked Ionizer increases efficiency and reliability
Aluminum Collector Cell eliminates filter replacement costs
Low airflow resistance
Low energy Costs
Venturi-Assisted High Voltage Insulator provides longer service intervals

Screw Machines
Surface and Centerless Grinders
CNC Machining Centers
Turning Lathes
Parts Cleaning Systems

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Vertical Oil Mist Percipitator (VOMP600)

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