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Hallett UV Wastewater purifications with patented Crossfire Technology are engineered for simple, efficient multiplex configuration and treat flows up to 1 MGD for wastewater and reuse applications.

The Hallett has low pressure and high output which  makes it the first of it’s kind to match and/or beat the performance of traditional medium pressure systems.

Both the Hallett 13 and the Hallett 30-1” Systems are factory sized and programmed to achieve target treatment requirements. They are effective in a broad range of pre-treatment wastewater quality applications and are also engineered to prevent operator exposure to potentially hazardous wastewater, thanks to the self cleaning quartz.

Crossfire Technology
UV Pure's Patented Crossfire Technology is at the core of each system and aids in the most effective water purification.
Highest UV Dose – proprietary high-output long-life lamps
Built in turbulence generators increase dose
Elliptical reflectors target & deactivate pathogens from 360°
Dual smart UV sensors monitor UV intensity dose and UV transmittance
Built-in microprocessor monitoring with visual and audible alarm notification
Lamps air-cooled – operate at most effective UV output at all times
Dry contacts for remote alarm monitoring, and stop/start
One sensor for each lamp – no short circuiting if lamp fails
Automatic fail-safe shut-off solenoid valve – if the water is running, the water is safe
Self Cleaning
Simple to install

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Self Cleaning 
316 Stainless Steel connections
Mounts vertically; wall mounting template included 
No extra space required for lamp removal or service

Below is all information pertaining to the Wastewater UV System:

Hallett UV Disinfection System

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