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Single Plastic Bag Filter Vessels

Bag Filter Housing

Big Blue Bags

Big Blue Bag Vessels are Standard Bag assemblies that keep systems on stream longer by reducing bag filter changeout times. Each Bag assembly is constructed out of lightweight corrosion resistant Polypropylene to give the strength required without the weight.

FLV Plastic Housings

FLV Series 

Hayward's FLV Series Bag Filter Vessels accommodates the option of a Trade Size #1 or #2 Bag Filter and can be used in a variety of applications. 

FLV Duplex     FLV Simplex 


Polypropylene Bag Filter Vessels

Polypropylene Bag Filter Vessels

East Coast Filter's Industrial Polypropylene Bag Filter Vessels are ideal for applications with corrosive and aggressive chemicals where Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel Vessels cannot be used.

Size #1 Bag Vessels     Size #2 Bag Vessel     Size #5 Bag Vessel     PPX100 Bag Vessel

PVDF Convex vessel


East Coast Filter, Inc.'s PVDF PVDF Bag Filter Vessels are compatible with a large variety of chemicals and temperatures. 


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